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90% OFF – Double the Cores – Best Cyber Monday Deal

Meet HiveShield, the Load-Balancer that has Your Back against Bad Robots:

  1. Spam Bots – Fake User Registrations, Comment Spam and more …
  2. Hacking Bots
  3. Password-Guessing & Brute-Force Login Bots
  4. DDoS Attacks Bots

(With HiveShield, you can remove all CAPTCHA from your site.)


How to lock-in the DEAL

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    • 90% OFF List Price
    • Double the Cores
    • for LIFE of the Subscription
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Awesome Features:

  1. Software-based, easy-install on CentOS 7+
  2. Weighted Load-Balancing
  3. Unlimited Virtual Hosts w/ Aliases
  4. HTTP to HTTPS Redirection
  5. TLS / SSL w/ Termination or End-to-End
  6. Health Checks
  7. Country Blocking
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Promotional Plans (90% off, 2x Cores)

  • Pro16:      $10/Month – 16 Cores
    • (vs Pro: $100/Month – 8 Cores)
  • ISP48:      $20/Month – 48 Cores
    • (vs ISP: $200/Month – 48 Cores)
  • For LIFE of your Subscription
  • 30-Day FREE Trial
  • Month-to-Month, up/downgrade at any time, no commitment
Click HERE to lock-in the deal with promo code: CYBERMONDAY
Learn more about HiveShield here:

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