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Harden your Cloud-Hosted Web Applications Against DDoS Attacks.

Available in Amazon’s AWS Marketplace, HiveWind’s HiveShield is the industry’s first Cloud-Based DDoS Protection Solution that is designed to be dropped into a web site’s existing Cloud infrastructure in place of its current load balancer (ELB, HAProxy, nginx). HiveShield hardens web applications against various forms of volumetric and distributed attacks aimed at disrupting or discontinuing [...]
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A Unique Blend of Power and Flexibility

While HiveShield provides advanced customization features, it is first and foremost designed to function without “tuning”, “learning period” or any other form of operational intervention beyond the initial configuration of Virtual Hosts. HiveShield’s feature-set includes: Protection of your site’s Amazon AWS Origin. Blocking of Layer 7 HTTP floods. Hardening [...]
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