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Cure for Newsletter Bombs

This article by BetaNews covers a new trend of “Newsletter Bombs“, as a new form of DDoS. This time, instead of your Web Site being taken-down, your e-mail box is rendered useless. From monitoring our logs and discussing with our clients, we have reasons to believe that our product HiveShield, available for deployment in AWS Cloud […]
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Web Hosting Firms: DDoS Protection for Clients

Since we first launched HiveShield 2 years ago in Amazon AWS, we have been regularly approached by Web Hosting Firms seeking to protect their clients from DDoS attacks. Here’s what we learned: They’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on appliances from various vendors, resulting in tenuous efficacy at best, and disaster at worst. Appliances’ astronomically high [...]
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Celebrating 2 Years Today

Today marks 2 years since we first launched HiveShield on the Amazon AWS Marketplace. Already at version 2.6 and 2.7 just around the corner, we never cease to innovate as we relentlessly seek new ways to bring value to our clients. April’s a big month for us: We were a wild success at HostingCon Global 2017 […]
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