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Thwart DDoS Attacks from Within your Cloud

Protect your Cloud from DDoS attacks while reducing bandwidth costs by dramatically curbing nefarious crawling activity from bots seeking to expose vulnerabilities in your applications, perpetrate spamming activities such as “forum and comment spam” and harvest structured data from your site such as user and pricing information.

Keep your existing public IP address and SSL certificates inside your infrastructure without having to change DNS servers and settings.

HiveWind’s HiveShield can quickly and easily be dropped into your Cloud in place of an existing web load balancer. Its unique technology reliably separates legitimate crawlers and visitors, from nefarious “zombie bots” and scrapers.

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Protect your Cloud-Hosted Web Applications from DDoS Attacks.

  • HiveWind’s HiveShield hardens web applications against various forms of volumetric and distributed attacks aimed at disrupting or discontinuing service.

  • These attacks are commonly referred to as “Distributed Denial of Service” attacks, or DDoS.

  • HiveShield is the industry’s first Cloud-Based DDoS Protection Solution that is designed to be dropped into a web site’s existing Cloud infrastructure in place of its current load balancer (ELB, HAProxy, nginx).

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Potential Daily Incremental Costs of Attacks

As Amazon charges for bandwidth usage, surviving unmitigated attacks could result in daily incremental bandwidth costs ranging from “a nuisance" to "sheer devastation”.

HiveShield's feature-set includes:

  • Protection of your site’s Amazon AWS Origin
  • Blocking of Layer 7 HTTP floods
  • Hardening against volumetric SYN and UDP floods, as well as TCP exhaustion attacks
  • Unlimited Virtual Hosts on a single instance, providing weighted load-balancing for an unlimited number of web servers per virtual host.
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Dual-Impact of Successful Disruptions


Beyond the devastating impact of service interruptions, numerous studies have shown that DDoS attacks are key in disrupting a company's IT operations to divert attention from more sophisticated breaches being concurrently perpetrated: IT staff fully occupied with mitigating a DDoS attack is less likely to detect, catch and thwart simultaneous attempts at breaching a company's systems to steal sensitive data.