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Enterprise Deployment - Easy as 1-2-3

  • 1. Create an Account and obtain a Company Key.
  • 2. Install HiveShield on Linux ( CentOS 7 or Greater ).
  • 3. Paste your Company Key in HiveShield’s Admin Panel.

Pricing Information

  • Manage Multiple Companies with a Single Account.
  • Each Company has its own Plan and associated Credit Card (stored at
  • Each Company can have several deployments up to Plan’s allotted number of Aggregate Cores.
  • Subscription plan changes (upgrades and downgrades) are supported at any time with prorations.
  • If a paid subscription isn’t current or hasn’t been chosen, HiveShield operates in “Free” mode.

Pricing Chart

$ 0.00monthly
Load-Balancer Only
No DDoS Mitigation
Unlimited Sites
$ 100.00monthly
Up to 8 Aggregate Cores
Free Trial: 30 Days
Unlimited Sites
$ 200.00monthly
Up to 24 Aggregate Cores
Free Trial: 30 Days
Unlimited Sites