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A Unique Blend of Power and Flexibility

While HiveShield provides advanced customization features, it is first and foremost designed to function without “tuning”, “learning period” or any other form of operational intervention beyond the initial configuration of Virtual Hosts.

HiveShield’s feature-set includes:

Protection of your site’s Amazon AWS Origin.
Blocking of Layer 7 HTTP floods.
Hardening against volumetric SYN and UDP floods, as well as TCP exhaustion attacks.
Unlimited Virtual Hosts on a single instance, providing weighted load-balancing for an unlimited number of web servers per virtual host.
Automatic whitelisting of known search engine, social media, and uptime/performance monitoring crawlers and bots.
Configurable blocking of any country.
Supports HTTPS with easy certificates installation.
Supports gzip/deflate compression.
Always-on, around-the-clock protection.
Extremely efficient “bad-actor” blocking aimed at preserving bandwidth consumption.
Quick and easy “point-and-click” setup in minutes!

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