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HiveShield 2.0 Coming Soon

We’re proud, excited and thrilled to announce the forthcoming Version 2.0 of HiveWind’s HiveShield in September.

We would like to extend our gratitude and warmest thanks to all customers and prospective buyers who have reached out to us with numerous suggestions. Please continue to do so at .

As a direct result of your feedback, here’s what’s coming in September:

Platform Improvements:

  • Near-Zero” Blog (WordPress) and Forum Spam – We have adapted our industry-leading robot detection technology to virtually squash all bot-induced spamming attempts.
  • When under attack, a wildly innovative request throttling feature protects more effectively sites with extremely limited computing resources.
  • Dramatically improved spoofed SYN flood mitigation.


Beyond improvements to the platform, we’re also looking out for your wallet.

Stay tuned.

Enterprise Offering:

Great News for the many of you seeking to protect your data center. We are currently incubating a bring-your-own hardware turnkey software solution for your data center. Here are current hardware requirements:

  • CentOS or RedHat Linux OS
  • At least 8 Cores
  • At least 8GB of RAM
  • 1Gb or 10Gb Network Card

If you’re interested in joining our early adopters, please reach out to us at .

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