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Star Wars Episode VII: Arclight Fan-DoS




At HiveWind, we’re undying fans of both Arclight Cinemas and Star Wars. So when tickets went on sale for Episode VII, we jumped into the fray with everybody else.

Of course, this surge in traffic is very likely to trip-up just about every typical DDoS solution’s “statistical model“, triggering what we at HiveWind call a “Fan-DoS”.

Reliably separating attack bots from legitimate humans desperately trying to purchase advanced tickets to Star Wars The Force Awakens, is a very challenging science — One DOSarrest doesn’t appear to have quite nailed just yet, as evidenced by the attached screen-shot.

Thankfully, HiveWind’s HiveShield does this better than anybody. We’re willing to put our platform where our mouth is, should Arclight elect to give us a try. We’re standing-by. Our load balancer can be installed and configured on just about any Linux Hardware or Virtual Machine within minutes, preferably with at least 8 Cores and 16GB of RAM.

HiveShield does not use any statistical model, and as such, there is no “learning period” after installation. HiveShield is ready to handle production traffic as soon as it’s configured. It can reliably discern bad bots, from legitimate crawlers and end-users, as if “CAPTCHA” was enabled for your entire site, but at a scale and efficiency designed to block some of the most vicious DDoS Attacks.

We do wish Arclight and DOSarrest good luck, and empathize with their respective operations teams. No matter how well a system is designed, such a highly-anticipated release is bound to bring traffic levels of traumatic magnitude.

As we frantically try to book our tickets, we realize that many talented engineers are having one of the most challenging nights of their lives right now.

We’d be happy to help in any capacity. You know the number. Call us.


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