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HTTP to HTTPS Redirection in Amazon AWS: HiveShield 2.6

We’re thrilled to announce that HiveShield 2.6 is live with one new feature: HTTP to HTTPS redirection, aka “Enforce End-User TLS“. It is designed for compatibility with an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). Prior to using HiveShield 2.6, the following AWS article shows how a customer would modify an Apache configuration to implement HTTP to HTTPS [...]
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HiveShield 2.5 is Out!

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of HiveShield v2.5 with the following new features: HiveShield can now be placed “behind” Amazon’s ELB, or any other load balancer. This provides several advantages: Benefit from Amazon’s ability to absorb low-level network attacks Terminate SSL/TLS at Amazon’s ELB, and as a result: Manage all of your SSL/TLS [...]
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Advanced DDoS Autoscaling

In the above graph: WAF “sandwich” private subnet would be the subnet in which your HiveShield instances live, set-up to autoscale up and down, as demand increases and subsides. The “ELB” on the left will be called the “Upstream ELB” in the instructions below The “ELB” on the right will be called the “Downstream ELB” in […]
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HiveShield 2.3 is Out!

We’re thrilled to announce that HiveShield Version 2.3 is available on the AWS Marketplace. New Features Include Per-Host Settings: Host Aliases so you don’t have to have separate Virtual Hosts for “” and “” Pass-Thru Mode for a specific Virtual Host, such that all traffic is allowed for that specific Virtual Host [...]
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HiveShield 2.0 on Amazon AWS Marketplace

As previously pre-announced, HiveShield 2.0 is now available in the Amazon AWS Marketplace. Of note: “Near-Zero Spam” Blog and Forum Spam Protection Slashed prices. c3.xlarge is down from $0.36/hour to $0.28/hour Support for the EC2 C4 Instances, including the c4.xlarge, with Network Throughput rated as “High”, roughly 5 times the c3.xlarge’s [...]
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