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HiveShield 2.3 is Out!

We’re thrilled to announce that HiveShield Version 2.3 is available on the AWS Marketplace.

New Features Include Per-Host Settings:

  • Host Aliases so you don’t have to have separate Virtual Hosts for “” and “”
  • Pass-Thru Mode for a specific Virtual Host, such that all traffic is allowed for that specific Virtual Host only.
  • White-Listed URI Fragments: If a request contains any URI on the list, it is allowed. This is useful for Apps that interact with your site.

We have also improved HiveShield’s ability to sustain highly concurrent loads. With an 8-Core machine, we were able to sustain 40,000 simultaneous connections under a 2-minute load with no-more than a 2-second response time.

For customers with several highly-trafficked Virtual Hosts, we highly recommend using a machine with no-less than 4 Cores.

We would like to thank all of our clients who have helped us put our system thru its paces. Please keep the feedback coming.


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