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Cure for Newsletter Bombs

This article by BetaNews covers a new trend of “Newsletter Bombs“, as a new form of DDoS. This time, instead of your Web Site being taken-down, your e-mail box is rendered useless. From monitoring our logs and discussing with our clients, we have reasons to believe that our product HiveShield, available for deployment in AWS Cloud […]
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Web Hosting Firms: DDoS Protection for Clients

HiveShield Enterprise is a Load-Balancer that will: Mitigate DDoS Attacks Block Spam Bots Block Brute-Force Login Attempts Block scripted vulnerability scans When was the last time a Load Balancer was this useful to you? Since we first launched HiveShield 2 years ago in Amazon AWS, we have been regularly approached by Web Hosting Firms seeking to protect their […]
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