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Web Hosting Firms: DDoS Protection for Clients

HiveShield Enterprise is a Load-Balancer that will:

  • Mitigate DDoS Attacks
  • Block Spam Bots
  • Block Brute-Force Login Attempts
  • Block scripted vulnerability scans

When was the last time a Load Balancer was this useful to you?

Since we first launched HiveShield 2 years ago in Amazon AWS, we have been regularly approached by Web Hosting Firms seeking to protect their clients from DDoS attacks.

Here’s what we learned:

  1. They’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on appliances from various vendors, resulting in tenuous efficacy at best, and disaster at worst. Appliances’ astronomically high up-front costs are extremely difficult to offset with incremental income from Mitigation Services. Most Hosting Firms see dramatically reduced operating margins amid revenue loss across an increasingly irate customer base.
  2. Many Web Hosting firms will instead resign themselves to sending “risky mitigation business” to third-party cloud-based companies such as CloudFlare and Incapsula. This approach has the following drawbacks:
    • Significant incremental cost to the Client starting at $200/Month
    • Additional overhead for the less tech-savvy Client, now required to sign-up for yet another service they don’t quite understand.
    • Undermining the Web Hosting Firm’s differentiation as a turnkey solution, amid fierce competition.
  3. Finally, most solutions, be they Appliance-based, Cloud-based, or Hybrid, will do a decent-to-phenomenal job of absorbing Network-Level DDoS Attacks, but still fail to isolate Application-Layer Attacks without some sort of Operational Intervention by the Web Site’s Owner, or some other dedicated team.

To address these challenges head-on, we unveiled HiveShield Enterprise at HostingCon Global 2017. We were thrilled – and  honestly somewhat surprised – to see such an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response.

It is built on-top of the same advanced DDoS Mitigation Engine we first released on AWS 2 years ago. It yields unparalleled efficacy in detecting and blocking Application-Layer attacks while applying innovative approaches to absorbing low-level Network attacks.

HiveShield Enterprise was engineered for Superior ROI & Agility:

  • As a software solution installable on CentOS 7, HiveShield Enterprise can be deployed On-Premises, in a Public Cloud (AWS, Google), or on a Public VPS.
  • An unlimited amount of sites and clients can be protected with a single subscription.
  •  A single subscription can be leveraged across multiple hosts, up to the Plan’s maximum allotted aggregate cores.
  • Plans start at $100/Month for 8 Aggregate cores.
  • All plans feature 30-Day free trials, and the ability to downgrade and upgrade with proration at any time.

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